The purpose of this website is to identify my passions about the importance of education. I will be sharing my views about different topics education around the world and why we need to focus on education to eradicate the world off poverty and ignorance.

I would like to welcome the feedback of all the visitors who want to make suggestions related to the field of education and what they want be to publish here on my website. Please feel free to fill out the form towards the end of this page.


My mission is to see each child in the world in school. This is an idealistic approach, but I thihnk that if all of us start toplay thier roles in helping the human kind, we can definitely make this world a better place to live with the help of education.


My Passions

Apart from education and its related work, I love to engage in many other activities. I love to play football. I love to be at different football ground. Especially, I am looking forward to the football world cup in Qatar.

I love to read books. Especially books related science. The recent book that I read was written by Neil Degrasse Tyson called Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. The book review can be viewed here.

Education Help

In the previous times, it was hard to find educational resource for free. You had to pay for everything. Especially educational material was hard to be found. Time has changed. The internet revolution has enabled us to access many educational resource for free. Following are some quality free educational resources:

Google Scholar




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