Welcome To Alex LaMarche's Website!

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About Me
Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Alex and this is just the beginning of what I want for this site to be, so hopefully you enjoy it in its earliest form! I am studying in computer engineering here at the University of Hartford and I have an interest in learning programming in different languages because to me, it is a much more fun and more easily personalized field to explore.
My Hobbies
My hobbies include working with computers and golfing mostly. I got a hold of my first computer sophomore year of high school and it was a terrible one at that. One thing led to another and I now love building custom computers whenever I have the cash or the excuse to do so. I think of a computer as an adult version of legos and it's a ton of fun. As far as golf, I've played ever since I had gotten my first pitching wedge at 5 years old and for my entire life I've enjoyed going out to play with friends and family. Ask me anything about golf and you'll have a lengthy conversation with me on the subject.
My Jerb
At the moment I work for the ITS help desk for the school, where we mostly handle both students and staff who have forgotten various passwords to the multiple sites UHart hosts. Apart from that, we also serve as the folks who you can bring your computer to if it happens to get infected or is in need of a quick repair! So if you have any questions in regards to computer problems on campus, hopefully there is something I can do for you. HINT: If you need some password reset, please just go to hartford.edu/reset!
How reset Self-Service code thing?