Alternative Creative Engineering Society

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ACES has been created as an opportunity to experience the design practices behind engineering projects. Furthermore the organization allows other individuals that are in non-engineering fields to  provide support with their skills as well as experience team based work environment.

          ACES allows anyone with interest in the project to join. Being an engineer is not mandatory. We compose of knowledgeable members that will be able to aid and provide support to those that need it. This support can be help with designing the project, building it, or any other aspect of the process. We allow our members to come up with their own project ideas and be able to design and execute these projects. Anyone with a project idea is welcomed to come in and present any project ideas they may have. We will work together with these individuals as well as other organizations to attempt to make their project a reality.

          As an organization, we push our members to join project competitions. This created an environment where those involved are under pressure to build their projects on time as well as design a winning project. Such competitions allow further experience that will be good to posses for their future careers. 

          Further ACES Information:
                      President: Alex Schattino
                      Vice President: Aleksandar Adamovic
                      Treasurer: Krisanna Dwyer
                      Secretary: Victor Borrome